• Ligigu vian novigon al miliard!

    Al miliard vi influas, en miliard vi gajnas.


    Tio estas simpla logiko de Ĉinio-es ekonomio de grandskaleco. Nun tempas.

    Ni helpas novigantojn realigi siajn revojn en Ĉinio.

    We don't sell your products, we sell your innovations through tech transfer,  find you investment and make use of preferential policies to help you tap into the vastest opportunities in the world.

    Ni servas por novigoj, grandaj aŭ etaj.

    The value of innovations can hardly be measured by the status quo. We treat all ideas equally no matter how humble their beginnings were, and our goal is their superlative utilization.

  • Iom faktoj pri Ĉina teknologia merkato

    La datumoj ŝanĝiĝas rapide kunekun la momentumo de Ĉinio

    100 miliard+ USD funduso, jare

    Ĉinio estas la dua plejgranda investanto pri scienco kaj teknologio en la tuta mondo.

    16 miliard USD+ RK fundusoj

    En 2015, la entuta riska kapitalo atingis 16+ miliard USD

    63 milion+ esploraj talentuloj

    Ĉinio jam akumuligxis 63 milion esploraj taletuloj, kun plej multaj patentoj en la tuta mondo.

    300+ ŝtataj teknologiaj parkoj

    Plene de favoraj politikoj apogantaj novigadon.

  • Partneroj

    Niaj servoj plivastiĝas por novigoj tra la mondo

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    Huawei is a global leader of ICT solutions. Its telecom network equipment, IT products and solutions, and smart devices are used in 170 countries and regions. Huawei ranked 228th in the Global Fortune 500, based on its revenue in 2014 (46.5 billion USD).

    We are helping Huawei Early Stage Investment to scout for cutting-edge innovations worldwide.

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    Sichuan-a Provinca Buroo de Scienco kaj Teknologio


    The administration for S&T affairs of the Sichuan provincial government provides an official and unique source as a gateway to technical enterprises and organisations in western China, which is one of China's industrial bases.


    We are partnering with the Sichuan Technical Exchange Centre as an exclusive consultant on international technical communications.

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    Brita Komerca Konsilantejo


    The CBBC Board is made up of senior business people from companies with a strong China interest. They represent a wide variety of business sectors and work for large, as well as small and medium sized companies.


    We are helping UBC in tech transfer in the greater China market.

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    Korea-Ĉina Asocio


    Established in 2005, it is an active organisation contributing to Korean-Chinese friendship and cooperation, including through the promotion of cultural and technology exchanges.


    We are partnering with KCA, helping Korean tech SMES developing market in China.

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    The EU Project Innovation Center (EUPIC) is a non-profit organization established in Chengdu (China) in 2006 under the Asia Invest II Project, an European Union initiative promoting and supporting business cooperation between the EU and Asia.


    We are collaborating with EUPIC-Chengdu for China-EU tech transfer projects.

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    Universitato de Tjumeno


    UT is one of the most dynamically developing classical universities of Russia and one of the leading universities of the Tyumen region. In cooperation with the leading Russian and foreign enterprises and organizations, UT has developed the Polytechnic School Project.


    We are UT's exclusive tech transfer partner in the greater China region.

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    Kosmo Strategio

    Britio | Germanio | Pollando

    Kosmo Strategio is an international company specialized in project management, strategic planning, education & training, and tech transfer. Based in Edinburgh (Scotland), London (England), Munich (Germany) and Bialystok (Poland).


    We are partnering with KS in tech transfer in greater China market.

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    Universitato de Brita Kolumbio


    UBC is a global centre for research and teaching, consistently ranked among the 40 best universities in the world. Since 1915, UBC’s West Coast spirit has embraced innovation and challenged the status quo.


    We are helping UBC in tech transfer in the greater China market.

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    La Asocio "Alsace Tech"


    The network boasts over 7,500 students from 50 majors including engineers, architects and managers, masters and PhDs.


    We are helping UBC in tech transfer in the greater China market.

  • Fakecoj

    La rezultoj sinrakontas.

    Teknologia Transdonado

    State level tech transfer platform that links to thousands of tech enterprises.

    Strategia Planado

    Market research and go-to-market planning based on our rich knowledge

    Publikaj Rilatoj

    Better utilisation of the preferential policies of hundreds of science parks

    Leĝa Konsultado

    Professionals that help you protect your knowledge property from A to Z

    Talentula Regado

    Head-hunting for leading talents for leading enterprises in China

    Investanta Servado

    Direct link to scores of experienced VC investors and incubation centres

  • Filioj

    Jenaj projektoj estas apogataj kaj regitaj de WTT

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    Sino-europe Technology Link

    A tech transfer platform for Chinese and European innovative projects.

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    Ĉinio-Rusia Komerca Anĝelo

    PCI is a China-Russian platform specialised in the assistance of Chinese and Russian technology firms in collaboration and communication.

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    Laboratorio pri inteligentaj hardvaroj por kreantoj!

    ek! laborotario, funded by the Sichuan provincial department of Science and Technology, is a makers' lab open to everyone, in order to encourage young people and students in middle schools, and colleges prototyping their creative ideas.

  • Kontaktu nin!

    Diru al ni vian ideon. Ni respondos rapide.